8 Best Baby Mittens 2024 To Keep Baby Scratch-Free

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You won’t want to see your baby’s face scratched by those tiny little fingernails. Even if they don’t mean to, they can scratch themselves accidentally. Finding the best baby mittens among various options available is challenging.

Keeping your little ones’ hands cozy, comfortable, and protected has always been the top priority. Babies have difficulty controlling their body temperature, and as their hands and feet get cold quickly, they may fall sick. 

Look out for options to keep your snuggle bunnies warmed and pleased. Additionally, they are the best to protect their faces from scratching and keep their hands warm in the winter. 

Mittens are always helpful, but choosing the best one is a task. Amongst many choices available in the market, it is challenging to find the best one that is also stylish. Worry not, as we have found 8 of the best baby mittens for your newborn, highlighting their features, materials, and how they can keep your baby’s hands warm and safe. 

Let’s check out the perfect pair to keep those fingers protected.

8  Best Baby Mittens

1. Rative Newborn Baby Cotton No Scratch Mittens

best cotton baby mittens


  • Material- Cotton
  • Sizing- 0-6 months unisex  
  • Machine and Handwash           
  • For summers
  • Estimated Price- $8

Rative newborn mittens are made of 100% cotton material, so they are safe and gentle on newborns’ skin. Here, cotton fabric is breathable, hence less likely to cause allergic reactions than others.

There should be enough space for the baby’s hands and fingers to move freely inside the mittens. No-scratch mittens protect infant skin from scratching or irritation by their sharp nails.

They are designed with a gentle elastic line at the wrist so the mittens don’t fall off easily. If you want to preserve the flexible line at the wrist, handwashing is the best. Also, Rative newborn mittens are available in different colors, suitable for the baby’s gender.

What we love

  • Designed with elastic wrist
  • Spacious
  • Protects baby from self-scratching

Points to consider

  • It may lose elasticity after some use

Product rating – 4.5/5

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Girls’ Mittens, No-Scratch Mitts, 100% Organic Cotton, Set of 3

organic cotton baby mittens


  • Material- Organic Cotton
  • Sizing – One size
  • Machine wash
  • For summer
  • Estimated Price- $12


Burt’s Bees baby girls’ mittens are 100% organic cotton. These mittens are best for sensitive skin as raw materials are grown without synthetic chemicals that harm the baby’s skin. No scratch mittens with gentle elastic at the wrist. These mittens are soft and gentle on the skin and made from breathable fabric. They are durable even after many washes. Available in a set of 3, designed especially for girls. 

What we love

  • Organic, soft, and breathable material
  • Designed with elastic wrist
  • No scratch mittens
  • Affordable

Points to consider

  • Not for sizes below 9 months

Product rating – 4/5

3. N’Ice Caps 2 Pairs Little Kids Baby Fleece Mittens 

best baby mittens for cold weather


  • Material- Fleece
  • Sizing- 3-6 months to 4-6 years unisex
  • Best for moderately cold weather
  • Estimated Price- $15

 N’Ice Caps sherpa-lined fleece mittens are the best for your newborn. These mitts are warm and comfortable, and the hoop and loop closure at the wrist make them easy to wear and stay on.

 These mittens are available in different colors and designs for both boys and girls. The fleece material, which is also a little water-resistant, is used to keep the hands warm. Best for the first-time mitten wearer baby. For 3-18 months, no thumb mittens, and for 2- 4 years, thumb mittens are available in a set of 2 pairs. 

What we love

  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Hoop and loop closure
  • Doesn’t fall off easily

Points to consider

  • Overpriced
  • Not for babies below 3 months
  • Aren’t waterproof

Product rating- 4.7/5

4. Paladoo Baby Mittens Sherpa Lined Fleece

warm baby mittens for winters


  • Materials- Made with 100% organic cotton and Sherpa lining
  • Sizing- 0-24 months unisex
  • For winters
  • Estimated Price- $13

Paladoo baby mittens are the most comfortable and spacious mittens. These mittens are made from 100% organic cotton, which is safe for baby skin, and sherpa lining will keep their hands warm. Best for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, baby shower gifts, etc. There is gentle elastic at the wrist to ensure the mitts don’t fall off. 

What we love

  • Gentle elastic at the wrist
  • Super soft and warm
  • Good for gifting

Points to consider

  • Baby will grow out of the smallest size easily
  • Too heavy for baby

Product rating- 3/5

5. N’Ice Kids 3 Pairs Magic Stretch Gloves Mittens – Boys Girls Toddlers

designer baby mittens


  • Material- made with elastic, 95% Acrylic and 5% Spandex
  • Sizing- 0-18 months to 4-7 years unisex
  • Machine wash
  • For winters
  • Estimated Price- $15

Are you bored with those basic mittens in the market? Look what we have found- N’ice Kids 3 pairs of mittens are made from warm and comfortable materials. These are excellent for littles who enjoy going outside and those wearing mittens for the first time.

These mittens are made with ribbed cuffs, best to prevent snow or cold air from getting inside. Do you know what the best part is? These are available in different fun designs and colors, which are attractive, and kids will love to wear them. 

What we love

  • Available in various designs
  • Warm and a little water resistant
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Available in different colours

Points to consider

  • Not suitable for cold weathers

Product rating- 3/5

6. Gerber unisex- baby Multi-pack long sleeve onesies bodysuit mitten cuff

onesies attached with mittens for baby


  • Material- 100% cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Sizing- preemie to 3 months
  • Good for summers
  • For both boys and girls
  • Estimated Price- $14

Moms love this product since it is two things in one. Gerber has made onesies attached to the mittens, which is cool, no? Made with 100 percent cotton fabric, the breathable fabric keeps delicate skin comfy and dry.  Onesies have a neckline with a lap shoulder for a convenient dressing.

Easy to change diapers, thanks to the higher snap closure in the front. Available in the pack of 6 for both baby boys and girls. You can dress up your child with these white onesie mitten cuffs to complement any color dress. 

What we love

  • Breathable fabric
  • Attached with onesie
  • Mittens will not fall from hands easily

Points to consider

  • Mittens cannot be used without a onesie

Product rating- 4.8/5

7. Nuby soothing teething mitten with hygienic travel bag

teething mittens for babies


  • Material- Made with silicone
  • BPA free
  • Sizing- for 3 months plus
  • Both for baby boys and girls
  • Machine washable 
  • Estimated Price- $12

Teething mitts are designed with textured surfaces or materials that babies can chew on, providing comfort and relief from sore gums. Nuby teething mittens are made from silicone material, which gives them comfort. These mitts are soft and flexible – best for babies who cannot hold teethers. Also, they are the best for protecting babies from chewing on their hands. 

These are available in 4 different colours and come with a hygienic travel bag. A travel bag helps maintain the cleanliness of the mittens by providing a protective barrier against dirt, dust, or infections. 

What we love

  • Best for teething
  • Along with hygienic travel bag
  • Easy to clean

Points to consider

  • Not for babies below 3 months

Product rating- 4.4/5

8. Stonz baby mittens- kid’s gloves for cold weather- waterproof winter gloves 

best baby mittens for cold weathers


  • Materials- Made with 3M insulate and 600D nylon shell
  • Sizing- 0-12 months
  • Both for boys and girls
  • For cold weathers
  • Estimated Price- $35

They are crafted from high-quality, waterproof materials such as nylon, polyester, or specially treated fabrics, best to offer superior protection against rain, snow, or sleet. Stonz baby mittens are ideal options to protect those tiny hands from harsh winters.

 These mittens are designed to go over the arm, ensuring that the hands and wrists stay warm and snow stays out. Stonz mitts are crafted to be worn in just about any cooler season. These mitts are durable and lightweight, so your baby can wear them more often.

While warmth is key, these mitts are water resistant, allowing your baby to engage in outdoor activities even during chilly weather. The adjustable toggles ensure a snug fit that keeps cold air and snow out while accommodating different hand sizes. It could be the best purchase which can solve all your problems. 

What we love

  • Warmest baby mittens
  • 100% Waterproof mittens
  • Can do outdoor activities during snowfall

Points to consider

  • Little expensive

Product rating- 4.7/5

How do you choose the best baby mittens for your newborn?

Choosing the best baby mittens involves various factors that should be considered. As numerous products are available in the market, finding the best appropriate for your newborn requires considering some points. Only these factors can help you to buy the best one for your little ones. Let’s check out the necessary factors when purchasing baby mittens for your newborn. 

  • Fabric– Look for soft and breathable fabrics like cotton or organic fabrics, which are safe for babies. Choose those mittens made from gentle, natural materials to help prevent skin irritation or rashes. As babies’ skin is sensitive, buy fabrics free from harsh chemicals.
  • Sizing– As newborns’ hands are small, consider buying the size as per your baby’s age. They should not be too tight to put on or too loose to fall off. Make sure to buy comfortable mittens so the baby can move while it covers their hands and wrists adequately.
  • Purpose of buying– Make your purchase as per the purpose. If you want to prevent your baby from scratching, go for scratch-free mittens, or if you want to keep their hands warm and safe, then go for such kinds of mittens. Different materials are used to fulfill other purposes.
  • Easy to wear– Choose that easy-to-put-on and take-off mittens. Opt for designs with wider openings and stretchy materials that will be comfortable.
  • Waterproof– During cold winters, only warm mitts are not enough; choose warm and water-resistant mitts. Your child must enjoy playing in the snow without fearing getting their hands wet. It will not stop them from outdoor activities, as waterproof mittens are designed to keep their hands dry and protected.
  • Safeness– This is a crucial point to be considered. Ensure that the mittens are well-stitched and that no such thing can harm your baby. Avoid buying decorative mittens as if the embellishments on them are not stitched well, the baby can pull them off and put them in their mouth. 
  • Check out the reviews– Before buying any product online, read the reviews and then buy the product. Reading reviews and knowing about the quality and experiences of others will help you to know better about the product. Hence, this will make a valuable purchase for your newborn.  

Choosing the best pair of mittens for your newborn is all about showing your love for them, as, of course, you are providing them comfort, safety, and ease. Following the above points, you can grab the perfect mitts for your little ones.

What is the purpose of Baby Mittens for newborns?

You must be thinking why is it important to buy baby mittens for newborns?

Is it really necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to buy mittens for your little one as those cute tiny hands sometimes can scratch their face because of the sharp nails. You must not want that to happen right?

That’s the use of newborn mitts, not only this there are various other reasons as well.

Let’s find out the other reasons that fulfill the purpose of buying baby mittens for newborns:

  • Keep their hands warm– The hands of the newborn are sensitive to temperature changes, due to this their fingers turn red or even blue, even if they are at home. Wearing mittens will keep their hands warm all the time and shield them from illness.
  • Prevent self-scratching– Most of the time parents are concerned about this thing. This is where the mittens will prove useful to prevent your baby from scratching their face. Mittens act like a shield and protect your baby’s face from accidental scratches.
  • Good for teething– There are mittens designed for teething, they are made from silicone texture which provides comfort and ease in teething. They are safe as they are not made up of harmful chemicals and are hygienic, are often washable. The texture of these mitts is designed in such a way that massages and soothes sore gums which provides comfort to the baby.
  • Comfortness– Mittens provide a sense of comfort to newborns as they get overstimulated easily by their environment. Mittens help them by providing stimulation by covering their hands with soft fabrics, best to deliver them comfort.

You must be wondering why buying mittens for your newborn is essential.

Is it essential?

Buying mittens for your little ones is necessary as those cute tiny hands sometimes can scratch their face because of the sharp nails. It would help if you did not want that to happen. That’s the use of newborn mitts, but there are various other reasons.

Here, check out the other reasons that fulfill the purpose of buying mittens as follows:

  • Keep their hands warm– The hands of the newborn are sensitive to temperature changes; due to this, their fingers turn red or even blue, even if they are at home. Wearing mittens will keep their hands warm and shield them from illness.
  • Prevent self-scratching– The mittens always prove helpful to prevent your baby from scratching off their face. Mittens act like a shield and protect your baby’s face from accidental scratches.
  • Suitable for teething– There are mittens designed for teething, made from silicone texture, providing comfort and ease. They are safe as they are not made up of harmful chemicals, are hygienic, and are often washable. The texture of these mitts is designed to massage and soothe sore gums, providing comfort to the baby.
  • Comfortness– Mittens provide a sense of comfort to newborns as they get overstimulated easily by the environment. Mittens help them by stimulating their hands by covering them with soft fabrics, which best deliver comfort.


It is crucial to consider more than just style when selecting baby mittens, as only they can make those little hands feel incredibly safe and protected. Additionally, the seasons, comfort, design, and fabric are all factors to be considered while selecting these top picks.

To give you pre-eminent suggestions, we have performed deep market research by comparing various products, reading product reviews, and following suggestions from experienced parents.

So what are you waiting for? Just check them out, and you are surely going to love them.

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When and how long should babies wear mittens?

Babies can wear mittens for about the month they are born. As a newborn, their fingernails are sharp so that they can scratch their face. To prevent this, you can go for scratch-free mittens. Even some babies have sensitive skin or conditions like eczema. To protect their skin, make them wear cotton mittens.

How do you keep mittens on your newborn?

Choose the right size of pairs of mittens; most brands design the exact size of mitts, but the design changes. They should not be too tight or loose; they should fit tight around your toddler’s wrists and be spacious around their fingers.

Should babies wear mittens all the time?

Babies wearing mittens all the time isn’t necessary. Mittens can be needed for newborns due to their sharp nails, but as they grow older, you can cut the nails, preventing scratching without constantly needing mittens.

How do I choose the right size of mittens for my baby?

Look for mittens with some stretch to fit your baby’s developing hands. Try wrists that are elastic or adjustable to ensure a tight fit. Babies grow fast, so if you’re buying mittens ahead of time, consider getting a slightly larger size to accommodate growth.

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