Best Baby Gates For Stairs Of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

Best Baby Gates For Stairs Of 2024

Developing your house as a fun-loaded yet safe place for little ones is tricky for every parent. Controlling your blooming little adventurer will be more difficult if you own a house with stairs. However, childproofing a house with baby gates for stairs in 2024 has been a popular and effective solution parents are choosing these days. 

While childproofing a house, many safety measures are considered to protect the baby from unsafe areas or accessories, i.e., covering electricity-supplying accessories, relocating household chemical supplies like cleaning essentials, paints, etc., covering furniture edges, and many others.

In this childproofing activity, experts suggest that securing the child’s stairway access is important because it generates the possibility of a major accident. 

This article will discuss what to look for before buying baby gates 2024 for stairs, along with the list of the 5 best baby gates.

What To Look for Before Buying Baby Gates For Stairs?

tips to choose baby gates


The first thing to do before buying a baby gate for the stairs 2024 is to measure the width of the area you want to childproof. Buying a safety gate that does not fit in the areas you want to secure is useless and risky. Along with it, consider the length of the gate to ensure maximum safety for the baby.

Safe Design

Baby Gate’s installation aims to create secure access for your little one. So don’t get blown away by designs and shapes. For instance, gates with wide slate could be dangerous as babies can try to climb upon them when they start walking.

Right Opening Positions

For stairways, a childproofing expert recommends opening out the position that is best for baby gates, especially for the top part of stairs. If the baby is leaning on a safety gate, there are chances of falling once it opens.  

Choose Hardware Mounted Safety Gates

Childproofing experts claim that pressure-mounted baby gates are suitable for doorways. On the other hand, if installed at stairways at the top stair area, they become slack after some time or can lose their strength due to constant pushing. Hence, we recommend hardware-mounted safety gates, especially for stairs.

Check the Safety Certifications

Before buying baby safety products, it is necessary to check the safety standards and approval of the product. Make sure the product is certified by “JMPA” (Juvinel Products Manufacturers Association) or “ASTM” (American Society Of Testing And Materials). Please don’t buy any products for babies without safety standards mentioned on them.

Opt For Durability

The baby safety gates have to be long-lasting. The baby gates aim to create a safer environment for a baby until they are grown enough to stand or walk independently. Hence, baby gates should be sustainable till that age.

The factors mentioned above should be considered before buying the best baby gate for stairs. Here, we have listed the 5 products used and reviewed in 2024 based on the above factors. Moreover, We have also self-tested those customer-praised baby safety gates to share honest opinions about the product. Let’s check those out in the following pointer.

5 Best Baby Gates For Stairs That Must Have In 2024

1. Cumber Baby Safety Gate

Cumber Baby gate for stairs


  • Approximate Price – $99.99
  • Size – Width – 29.7-46″ x Height – 30.5″
  • Available Colors – White/Black/Brown/Gray
  • Material – Metal
  • Best Suitable For – Baby/Pets

Mom’s Choice Award and Family Choice Award winner Cumber baby safety gate is the ultimate solution to secure baby’s stairway access. This could be your cup of tea if you are looking for baby gates for stairs without drilling. This baby gate has a dual lock safety function, which is impossible for toddlers to figure out to unlock independently. 

Consumer Feedback


  • Sturdy Built up
  • Affordable PriceEasy installation – takes only 30 minutes to install with instruction manual/ video
  • Supports both installation – Pressure mounting, hardware mounting
  • Provide easy access for adults but restrict kids’ invasion.


  • Pressure mounting causes mobility issues in the gate door. 

2. Regalo Easy Step Walk Through Gate

Best baby gates under 50 dollar


  • Approximate Price – $34.99
  • Size – Width – 38.5” x Height – 30”
  • Available Colors – White
  • Material – Metal
  • Best Suitable For – Baby/Pets

Consumer-acclaimed Regalo Baby Safety Gate will be the best choice if you are looking for a bottom stair protector option. It is an extendable baby safety gate with a 6-inch extension and a smart lock mechanism that provides extra safety to the baby or pet.

Consumer Feedback


  • Sturdy Built up
  • All steel bodies increase durability
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy installation with instruction manual/ video
  • Supports both installation – Pressure mounting, hardware mounting
  • Provided multiple lock features ensure extra safety for kids or pets.


  • No color choice available
  •  The height of the gate is too short·        
  •  Look wise not so impressive

3. InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate

Baby Gates For Stairs


  • Approximate Price – $49.99
  • Size – Width – 29”-39.6” x Height – 36”
  • Available Colors – White/Black/Pure Black
  • Material – Metal
  • Best Suitable For – Baby/Pets

InnoTruth is an extendable baby gate that covers a wider area of up to 39.6 inches. This contemporary model has an auto-close feature, making it safer for kids and pets. The height of this baby gate can be more beneficial if you own dogs, as they cannot jump this height and cross the gate.

Consumer Feedback


  • Sturdy Built up
  • The height of the product makes it extra secure
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy installation with instruction manual/ video
  • Supports both installation – Pressure mounting, hardware mounting
  • The smart auto-lock feature adds value to the product
  • Two-way open and close design gives comfortable access.


  • Pressure mounting is not a safe option for top-stairs 

4. Summer Infant Wood Banister Safety Gates 

Wood Banister Safety Gates 


  • Approximate Price – $101.23
  • Size – Width – 48” x Height – 33”
  • Available Colors -Oak/Birch stain with gray accents
  • Material – Wood
  • Best Suitable For – Baby/Pets

You can go for the Summer Infant wooden safety gate if you are searching for baby gates for stairs with banisters. It will be the perfect attachment for stairs with banisters where you can install them on a square-size banister without drilling. 

Consumer Feedback


  • Sturdy Built up
  • The height of the product makes it extra secure
  • Easy installation for square-size banister
  • Safe lock feature.


  • The price is much higher than metal baby safety gates.
  • Complicated Installation for wall to banister or banister to banister with drilling.

5. Toddleroo By North States Baby Gates For Stairs

Best Baby Gates For Stairs


  • Approximate Price – $64.99
  • Size – Width – 47.85” x Height – 31”
  • Available Colors – Matte bronze/ Warm white
  • Material – Alloy Steel
  • Best Suitable For – Baby/Pets

This simple and stylish baby gate can be suitable for every home decor. Toddleroo baby gate only supports hardware mounting, which requires drilling. So, you cannot take this option if you are looking for a baby gate for stairs without drilling. However, this firmly secure baby gate will provide the utmost safety to your little one from accidental injuries.

Consumer Feedback


  • Sturdy built up with alloy steel
  • The one-hand operation provides convenience to adults
  • Simple and safe safety latch lock


  • No pressure mounting option is available

As A Final Observation 

Baby gates for stairs are an essential part of the house if your house has a little explorer or naughty pets. It was claimed that a multi-floor house can lead to the highest number of accidents, particularly with toddlers. Hence, it was concluded that stairs are one of the most dangerous spots for toddlers to access. 

Childproofing solution providers strongly suggest installing baby gates for stairs to evade major accidents on stairs. Hence, many parents are considering installing a perfect safety gate for their stairs and other unsafe areas for babies. 

In this article, we have discussed the core factors you can look at before buying the best safety gate for your stairs. We have also shared a list of the top 5 baby safety gates that will help you to make the right decision. The information in this article will provide appropriate guidance to get the right safety gate for your stairs.


Which Is The Best Type Of Baby Gate For Stairs?

According to baby proofing consultants, hardware-mounted gates are safer for top stairs as top stairs involve more risk of accidental falls. Pressure-mounted gates are comparatively unsafe due to their flexible installation, where these types of baby gates can lose their strength with children’s playful activities. On the other hand, pressure-mounted gates are fine to install on the bottom stairs where a minimum risk of fall exists.

Do I need baby gates for stairs?

Yes, if you own a house with stairs, then you have to install baby gates for stairs. As per data, stairs are the major cause of household accidents with kids. Unsafe stairway access by toddlers can lead to serious injuries.
It is better to install baby gates on top and bottom stairs until the baby is stable and has overall movement growth. It will reduce the risk of stairway accidents.

Are pressure-mounted baby gates safe?

Pressure-mounted baby gates are absolutely safe for infants and easily accessible for adults. However, they are not suitable in some cases, i.e. for top stairs.

Why Pressure-mounted gates are popular?

Pressure-mounted gates are very easy to install and never take too much time and effort in uninstallation. Moreover, these gates can be used anywhere as per your requirements with their flexible installation feature.

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